Oh my.

New year, new me?
eh…. nah

As 2016 came to a close I began thinking like most how I want 2017 to better, greater, shinier.  And I kind of became overwhelmed by it.  Overwhelmed by thinking about what my “resolutions” should be, even though I’ve never really been one to participate in those. I don’t know why but I felt some sort of pressure to think of an answer.
On New Year’s eve I sat around a table at my father in law’s house, and my sister in law started the topic to go around the room of everyone’s resolution. When it came to me, all I said was “patience”. Clearly the on-the-spot answer was more questioning than anything..

I started to think more about it. And rather than think of how to make this year the “best”, I started to think about ‘how was 2016’? I don’t know about you, but I can’t see into the future. I can hope that I gain some needed ‘patience’, and try to use that as a focus I suppose. More-so though, I can look back and see where I’ve come from in the last year.

2016 was quite a year! My husband and I bought a house! A house that is an income property with an apartment on the second floor! After purchasing in March and moving in May, the house has been worked on since! Thankfully, it looks as though we’ll be able to list the apartment THIS weekend! About 4 months later than we had originally projected, but such is life…
On top of buying the house, we went to Europe for 2 weeks! Now Europe was more planned for (for over a year) than buying the house! Seeing Germany, Italy, and France was a dream come true! Where I dropped the ball was finishing blog posts about that trip! I still have Paris to finish up… We love to reminisce and daydream about being back over there.
Having a dozen nieces and nephews always takes the holidays up a few notches, along with birthdays.
Even though my husband technically lost his job, the timing has worked and has really allowed him to take over renovating the apartment full time. Otherwise I really doubt we’d be able to rent it even this year!
Towards the end of 2016, the health in our two families got some serious hits. And even though the arrival of diagnoses came, it always draws the family closer. During the time of year that some get caught up in the things they want, we were thrown the pitch that hit us in the gut to step back and really be thankful for family. Spending quality time with each other are what the holidays are ultimately all about.

So looking back, 2016 has sure had it’s ups and downs! I would definitely say way more ups, especially because I still have my little family. If anything I’d say now we just communicate a little more often which is certainly a great outcome!

As for 2017, I’m ok with continuing on from the recently passed holidays and just be with family. There won’t be any big vacations this year thanks to the big expenses last year, and that’s ok. I’m looking forward to working on my patience, and even more so my house 🙂

Cheers to you 2017, let’s see what ya got!


Be gone Stains!

I little side post today versus finishing up our Paris trip. Which I REALLY need to get back on, hello 7 months ago…. so sad.

Anyway! I am in need of some positivity today after that election.

This is post of how Proud I am of my husband!


The bottom right photo is of a floor in our upstairs apt that was stained horribly when we bought the house. It also has that lovely orange color from decades old varnish, probably from the 60s. Yuck!!
Bottom right is after sanding. Thankfully we get a glimpse of the beautiful oak floor, and the nasty stain began to fade. After Many stain treatments (trial & error but we recommend hydrogen peroxide), and Many more sandings, and adding a beautiful walnut stain and sealing it we have the top photo.
Even tho I was sent the top pic today for the trim, as that’s what he’s working on currently. Mainly because we removed unused duct work. I can’t help but not notice the stains! They are old so will always unfortunately somewhat be there, but you really have to look now! So proud of him! He has been working SO hard at basically learning everything from nothing, and it’s completely showing!

Now we just need a tenant to really prove it’s been worth it!

#homeowners #landlords #seethelight #almosttimetopaint



Bonjour, Paris!

From Florence we took a little puddle jumper of a plane, and in less than two hours we touched down in the city of love! First we couldn’t help but ‘ooh and aah’ over the view of the Alps as we flew.


By now, the last leg of our vacation, we were pretty confident with taking the metro. I deliberately rented an apartment that was close to a metro stop, so getting from the airport to our ‘flat’ was a breeze!

We landed and got to our apartment around 3pm local time. Even though we didn’t travel far, we were still tired so we just explored on foot close by and went to bed early. It was rainy and overcast as well, so we weren’t too excited about getting soaked.
This was the view from our apartment, when we got there and then at night with the sparkly lights 😀 It was amazing.img_20160510_140325









And then this was the view when we woke up the next morning! Poof! She disappeared!


That day we went on pretty much favorite tour ever. A bike tour. Fat Tire was the name of the company and our guide was awesome! It was such a different way to see a city, I just loved it!
First things first though was breakfast. We tended to just wander around to find things, and fate would have it that right outside our building was crepe stand! He made them to order right in front of us!  Needless to say we had them nearly every day…. SO good!
img_20160514_094637And we took our crepes and walked to the bike tour, making sure to pass by magnificent tower. While devouring my crepe.
Onto biking!


We rode past Napolean’s tomb. King Louis XIV had it built originally as his own private chapel.


We took our bikes through the gardens at the Louvre where we stopped for lunch. My first french croque monsieur, woah. PS all public gardens are squared off in Paris, symbolizes order. I thought it looked funny.
img_20160511_123544Also there is no riding through the gardens, we had to walk our bikes. But we didn’t mind, it was beautiful!

We also saw for the first time the Louvre after we finished lunch!

And after going over bridges and seeing a few more things we ended up back at the Eiffel tower.
img_20160511_101955Looking straight up while on the ground under it.

img_20160511_142541It was downright raining by that last photo, which was thankfully our last ‘stop’ but we still had to ride back to the Fat Tire store. I got soaked.

We thought a good way to end the day would be to relax back at the flat. We stopped at a little grocery store for some wine, champs, cheeses and bread. And as we passed a patisserie we of Course got our first French croissant. Certainily wasn’t our last either 🙂


Stay tuned for more!


Last Day in Florence

Our last full day in Florence we spent touring the Duomo, the Basilica, and had a nice homemade picnic for lunch. Dinner we of course finished our trip with more Italian pizza. I will never forget that pizza. I miss it.

On to photos!

img_20160507_122516That morning we started off with breakfast at a cute little cafe where this was our view.

We learned from our tour that the Duomo was actually never finished. As you can see below. The top is what it should look like all the way around, but it’s really just one section.

dsc_6479 dsc_6480

img_20160509_110016This is a photo from the front of the cathedral looking back (we are under the big dome, looking back toward the big front door).

And below is the outside vs inside of the same window. Beautiful.




The view was beautiful. We couldn’t help notice though that the color scheme of Florence was very uniform. img_20160509_130243Do you remember the last post where I was on the roof of the Ufizi and took a pic of the top of the Duomo? Well below is me on top of the Duomo taking a pic of the roof top cafe of the Ufizi!
dsc_6566dsc_6515 dsc_6539There was some interesting artwork as we got up into the actual Dome.

Below shows how you actually walk up the “dome”, see that it’s curved? It was 1. a LOT of steps and 2. a bit precarious!
img_20160509_130604Going up and coming down the Duomo certainly built up our appetite! We wanted something different though. So we decided to walk to a grocery store, grab some wine, cheese, prosciutto, and bread. From there we walked across the river and found ourselves a beautiful little hidden rose garden. We camped out under a tree and had a picnic for our last day in Florence. The weather was Perfect, and the garden was up a hill so the view back towards the inner city was just as picturesque!


img_20160509_142856 img_20160509_143351 img_20160509_144240 img_20160509_160508

we made sure to get a bottle with a twist cap 😉
After satiating our hunger, the Mr even fell asleep. hehe. While I wandered around smelling all the roses:) It was a perfect day.



We continued to roam the city, and of course ended our stay as I said with more pizza!

The following morning we made our way to the airport for Paris!
Stay tuned!


David, Venus, and the Turtle?

This post involves showing a Very small amount of the art we saw.

We took a tour through the Ufizi, followed up with seeing the David statue in all his glory.

img_20160509_120729Before art, breakfast. Lattes were frequent for the Mr, while I indulged regularly on pastries. How can you not??

img_20160507_081956The light in the morning among the tight little streets was beautiful.

dsc_6323On our way to The Ufizi, and we came across this. We didn’t stop to read a plaque or anything, so I have no idea…

dsc_6327Feast your eyes on The Ufizi. We got a “Firenze card” which basically paid for itself once we visited, I think it was 6 museums? Having the card put you in a MUCH faster and shorter line for museums. Recommended.
dsc_6385Also right between the Turtle statue and The Ufizi entrance is this David. Not original, a replica. Where the original is, is in The Accademia Gallery which was built specifically to house David.
dsc_6330Above is one of the main hallways in the Ufizi. All ceilings in Europe seemed to be artwork themselves. So ornate. Also the Ufizi was such very crowded museum…
dsc_6374 dsc_6361 dsc_6365 dsc_6353

img_20160507_105941 dsc_6348

dsc_6343img_20160507_112852Ya know, classic floating head shot to prove you saw it.

dsc_6377On the top floor of Ufizi is a cafe with a pretty terrace. Remember this photo because when we get a tour of the Duomo we also go up to the top where I take a reciprocal photo of toward where I’m standing in this one. Beautiful day.

img_20160508_163903 img_20160508_164001Do as the locals do?
img_20160508_125232We made it to the Accademia. David is in his own room, and here is the skylight.

dsc_6439 dsc_6451




dsc_6458 dsc_6464

Next up! We tour and climb the Duomo!


A Nice Chianti…

So!  Pretty much my favorite event that we did on our Europe trip was a Chianti tour through a part of Tuscany (the chianti region).  A goal of mine was just to do a wine tasting, and when I found a Chianti tour of 3 wineries I was so excited!

It was a bus tour, an English speaking bus tour. The only downside to it was the Americans on it with us, haha. We talked and got along with an Aussie couple and an English couple, but unfortunately the Americans on our tour were the stereotypical Orange County Cali girls…   But we just stayed in our little bubble of happiness as much as we could and tuned them out the best we could!

We tried and learned about Chianti of course, but the wineries in the chianti region are also known for their ideal soil for olive trees. So we also tried various olive oils and balsamic vinegars that are made at each winery. Some included cheeses, which only made the experience that much greater!

Onto the photos!
I only remembered to take a photo of the name of 1 of the wineries. It was my favorite tho 🙂  The lines in the photo are glare from the bus window…

dsc_6388 dsc_6411The views were breathtaking.
Below was a cool rainstorm rolling in over the hills.
dsc_6408 dsc_6405 dsc_6420



img_20160507_175929 img_20160507_182755 img_20160507_182658 img_20160507_144457 img_20160507_144237We learned you should hold red wine by the bottom of the glass, otherwise the body heat from your fingers heats the wine. haha – I was digging the learning!
img_20160507_143255 img_20160507_161024We stopped in this little town where we went into a meat and cheese store. Except it was more of like a butcher with a cheese room in a cellar. Above is a whole room of aging parmeseans. Below is me holding one that was wrapped in straw?? I thought it was funny and yet delicious.
img_20160507_160933img_20160507_161536omygoodness. The shop also had wine on tap that you could serve yourself! That’s my face of “I need this” “Leave me here, I’ll be more than fine!”
img_20160507_182640 img_20160507_172513

Best part was probably 5 minutes after getting onto the bus finishing out our tours and the day, the sky opened up and poured most of the ride back into Florence.

I loved that day 🙂   I’m a big fan of wine tours. It didn’t hurt that I got to be in the Tuscany countryside with my husband.

We ended the day with more pizza. Obviously. And more wine.


Stay tuned for more!


Museums, Statues, Gelato, Oh My!

So once we were settled in our apartment in Florence we set out to explore! Of Course we needed to start with Pizza. This apartment was the one and only one where we met with the owner to let us in, and we are glad that we did! He was very kind, and made sure to give us a map that he then continued to write all over of where the best things were. Such as pizza, gelato, laudrymat, etc.


Not only are there little parking lots for Mopeds/Vespas, but man the drivers of them are nutty! Watch your toes!

That first night we ventured to one of the pizza places the apartment owner told us about, and he was right! Not only was it a tiny little local place, but it was beyond delicious. Tip for Italy: when ordering wine just ask for “a glass of red” or “a glass of white”. The Italians take great care in having very good, local wine as the evening’s ‘house wine’. You cannot go wrong this way.  The pizza place was teeny tiny, and you are basically just sat wherever there are open chairs (even if it’s at a table with other people). So we were sat at an open 4-top and were quickly sat with another gentleman. Crazily this gentleman was American and well versed in this city of Florence! He had been coming every year for the past 30 years, usually multiple times and how long he stayed varied with his mood! He always stayed in the same little hotel too that he could not rave enough about but I unfortunately do not remember… He was amazing to talk to because he gave us lots of good ideas of “things we Must do”!

We followed up dinner and capped off our travel with our first gelato 🙂
IMG_20160505_212840 IMG_20160505_212836

Day 2 we decided to start off with the closest museum to our apartment, The Bargello. Originally a prison, it now is a museum full of statues. Beautiful building!



As you can see, I still have my door affection going.

IMG_20160506_120217 IMG_20160506_111440


There were pieces throughout our Europe trip that looked a bit odd, or off in some way. I mean obviously above is a lion, but it just looks different right? Well we learned this has to do with the date it was made. Many foreign animals are unknown to the European artists (ie safari and water mammals) the farther back in time you go. Artists went off of how each other described them to look, even though no one had seen a lion in real life.  I found it fascinating.

The rest of the day was spent walking the city, including seeing for the first time the Duomo in all her glory.



Tight stone streets could not be more different from Germany!

DSC_6295 DSC_6294

After dinner we walked by the Ponte Vecchio.

DSC_6299We then walked to it and through it! It was about 10 or 11 o’clock at night by now so all the shops/stands were long past closed. But we still wanted to cross it! Ponte Vecchio is known for how old it is and how it sells high end jewelry and fancy trinkets.

DSC_6305 DSC_6306There was very low light walking over the bridge, but there be the Duomo looming overhead in the distance!
DSC_6307 DSC_6308 IMG_20160506_230614

It was beautiful, even though it was closed. Originally built in 1345 and withstood World War II!  We just ran out of time to see it when it was open. Not like I could afford anything anyway….

As we walked back to our apartment there was a street artist using chalk. Uh… my chalk art involves stick figures and Pictionary nonsense… Woah.

DSC_6317 DSC_6316

Florence is a beautiful city to roam around at night in. It’s small enough that you can walk the whole city. Europeans also dine later so the outdoor restaurants and cafes always have lingering guests late into the night. I also recommend walking around at night just for observing all of the historical buildings. They give off a different vibe at night, and not to mention much easier to get up close because the amount of people is so much less!

Stay tuned for more Florence!


Onto Florence!

I apologize for the lack of posting…. Obviously I’m not very punctual about wanting to get these up!  But just gotta keep trying!

After Dachau we spent our remaining time enjoying the city. We walked Marienplatz numerous times just people watching and walking into the many churches to just observe and explore. We found our fair share of Beer Halls, and indulged in massive amounts of food as much as we could! There will most likely be a post strictly on the food of this trip so stay tuned! Below are some miscellaneous shots of Munich.



There is a man made river called Eisbach where a part of it was designed to have a wave for surfing. It’s a little bizarre because it’s in the middle of a city, in a park. But I guess you take what you can get in a landlocked country! haha. It was entertaining for sure!DSC_6252

My first lilac find. My nose found them first.DSC_6232

The man above I could have watched for hours. We took a tour of the Residenz which is a multi-generational royal palace in Munich. He was restoring a piece just there in the hallway. We have SO many photos from that place, but a palace is a palace ya know? Ornate, huge, lots of rooms, you get the idea.


The grand hall in the Residenz.

DSC_6223 I was fascinated with the size of doors during our entire Europe trip. I want one!

To get to Florence, we decided to take a train. I was very excited about this, and even had to convince Jon as he initially preferred to fly so we could just get there asap. I recommend a train ride to all! Our train left Munich at about 9 in the morning, so we packed up the night before so we could just be on our way to the station when we woke up.

I splurged and got us seats in a 4-seater cabin, this was considered 1st class. It was so very Harry Potter! Mind you, I’m used to Septa trains…
The seats reclined so we could lay flat, we each had tables, outlets for charging, and our cabin had climate control!

Below is the Munich station.IMG_20160505_031457 IMG_20160505_031505
haha Above is a candid shot, and that’s a mirror next to him showing you the lady who was sitting next to me.

We ventured to the dining car too to get that coffee he has.
IMG_20160505_125508The scenery as you can imagine on our train ride was mesmerizing. It went directly through the Alps. So fun! And beautiful!

DSC_6267 DSC_6272 DSC_6270

We arrived in Bologna where we had to get a local train for the last 20 minutes to Florence.
IMG_20160505_170523We were proud that we were conquering the public transit.

Once we got to Florence, we were surprised at how much warmer it was here! Coming down out of those mountains sure made a difference! We walked to our apartment and settled in! (I forgot to take pics of it so here are a couple for the airbnb listing)


Mind you we found out when we arrived that we were on the top floor, with no elevator. 72 steps one way. WHEW. Thankfully that apartment had AC though 🙂

On to exploring the city next!


Dachau Concentration Camp

The pictures posted in this entry aren’t meant to be strikingly beautiful and motivating.

No one chooses to go to a concentration camp for entertainment but more for the need to experience history. Or at least that is how we looked at it. We were seriously lucky with our tour guide, his name was Marcin Wright, and he owns a local Munich tour agency. Check him out here! We had no idea ahead of time that we were getting a personal tour, but when we showed up at 10:30am he was still advertising in the middle of Marienplatz for more customers. Ultimately no one else showed.

Getting an uplanned personal tour though? We totally scored on that, it absolutely made a world of difference and so much more personal.

From Marienplatz, Marcin, our guide, just had us hop on the metro for a 20 minute ride to Dachau. Again with it just being us, we got to snack on the train and basically start our tour there. He would point out important places on the ride which set the stage for when we arrived at Dachau.

Marcin was very thorough. He was patient with us when we wanted to pause. You could tell by the way he spoke that he really enjoyed what he was doing and took great care in teaching us.


We start with walking down the side of the property. We take a grass way, unlike the paved ways that I would assume most take. Marcin wanted us to get the real feel of going into the camp like the prisoners did.

On our left was the above white building, an original SS training building including an office for Heinrich Himmler.
Today the building is still a topic of debate as the police and military own and operate it…. I personally would never set foot in there.


Then as you turn right, away from that white building you come up to the main gate.

These camps continue to have problems with Nazi Extremists and the like because stealing things is so very common. Take that gate for example, it’s famous for what words are formed into it. Marcin told us as we were coming up to it that just recently the original gate was stolen. How does that happen with security these days??  So the gate in my photos is actually a replica.


“Work sets you free”

The message was instilled in the men to make it as though the harder they worked the higher the chances they would be released. Lies.


As you walk thru the gates, to your left you look down the property line and see the guard tower. They still line the entire property.


As you look right from entering there’s a very long three winged building. Today it is the museum.


This direction is straight from the gate. A large stone yard where prisoners were counted twice a day. Right is the current museum, used to be where prisoners were stripped of their clothes, belongings, and basically their human rights. The one story white buildings on the left are the prisoners’ barracks. Today there are two replicas because the originals were torn down some time after the liberation of the camp. The tall trees line the long aisle between the barracks. The trees for the most part are original. They were planted for visual propaganda of greenery on the property. Note that back then they must have been about 5-6 ft tall…

IMG_20160503_132538We unintentionally visited just days after the annual ceremony put on to memorialize the liberation of Dachau, April 29, 1945. Each wreath represents a group of people. Marcin told us that the order of the wreaths is important because it shows which groups were recognized first. I don’t remember what most mean, but I know a lot represented by their flags, so above the first and third from the right are German wreaths. Below you see some blue and white ones, that is the color of the Bavaria flag of Germany.

Usually at the way end is the below wreath, pink. The pink wreath represents the LGBT. This year it was fourth from the end. Progress.


Directly opposite from the memorial are the barracks that go down to the end of the property. Today there are only 2 standing barracks, the remaining 28 buildings are memorialized with a numbered stone and outline with gravel. I felt like I had a boulder in my stomach walking those grounds.


IMG_20160503_125839 IMG_20160503_160116 DSC_6209

The above picture is from the back of the property looking back toward the standing two barracks.

We did go through the museum, I was pretty emotional and very interested in what Marcin had to say to us so my camera was an afterthought.

Below is a sample of the original fence. Notice the barb wire fence, then the barb wire ground cover on a hill, then a trench, then grass.
There is a photograph in the museum of man who died with his hand through the fence but he was caught in the barb wire. That is an extraordinary feat and accomplishment so close to freedom. Not only from those obstacles that a skin and bone man achieved, but even just that a prisoner stepping on the Grass was enough to be murdered.


At the back corner of the property where I’m standing in that above photo is a pathway that led to the crematoriums. This is what Marcin had to say when we got there…

“I do this tour several times a week and have been doing it for 7 years now. I have been through this building once, and I will only ever go through that building once. Never again. I fully recommend you to experience it and make your way through, but I will remain outside here. Take as much time as you wish, I will meet you out at the end of it.”

Again, I took that chance to experience it. Going through is bone chilling. Jon took a couple photos inside, I did not. I will not be posting interior photos on my site. I do agree that it is something everyone should see as it is part of our history. It is a time I will never forget as messed up of a reality as it was.

We ended our tour with stopping at a memorial statue right outside the crematorium.


“To Honor the Dead, to Warn the Living”

The importance of that statue is the position of the prisoner. Yes, he’s frail and looks weak but look how he’s wearing a coat and his hands are in his pockets. Coats were rare, and hands in pockets were absolutely not allowed. The man is also looking straight out and away with his head held confidently. Prisoners were always told to look down at the ground because they were dirt. Beautiful piece. Ideal location as it’s placed right outside crematorium and near the now grassy tree covered mounds of unknown ashes of all who lost their lives in that building.

I could write and write and write about how important it felt I visited there. Photos don’t do it justice, taking photos shouldn’t even be the focus as it wasn’t for me.

Go visit. Learn our history. Be moved. Be emotional. And if you do? Find Marcin Wright, you will thank me.


I leave you with me leaving Dachau. Note: I have been told the quality of the video viewed on phones is not great.



Neuschwanstein & Linderhof

We chose to do a planned day trip to see Neuschwanstein. We took a bus and the first stop was Linderhof. King Ludwig II’s hunting lodge. No photos were allowed inside, so all I have are a few of the grounds. The day was overcast with very low cloud coverage, almost giving the photos an eerie feeling. I much preferred it to roasting in the sun though.

Anyway inside Linderhof was our start of seeing just how opulent and over the top royalty was with building and decorating their homes. Gold leaf’ed everything, marble, exotic woods – it was all there, all over everything. So what some would think a ‘hunting lodge’ to be a nice little cottage hidden away couldn’t have been further from that in how it really looked. Was certainly interesting to tour!

I personally was obsessed with seeing the kitchens and bathrooms in all of our tours in Europe because they’re rarely ever shown. Wouldn’t you be interested to see where royalty brushes their teeth?? ok maybe I’m alone on this…

DSC_6114Above is the ‘backyard’ of Linderhof.

Below is the Front yard, with own personal groto at top of the hill. We didn’t have enough time to go up there, but there’s a cave inside with boat… strange.


DSC_6106Below is looking at the lodge, ya know a modest hunting lodge.

From Linderhof we made our way through a small Bavarian village called Oberamagau. Apparently famous for their Passion play, and paintings on their buildings… we only heard this about a dozen times while there for only 45 minutes. #claimtofame.

DSC_6120It was a quaint, storybook looking village for sure.


IMG_20160502_115850I really should have bought that hat, would have upped my ski game 10 fold for sure.

From Oberamagau the bus made the ascent to Neuschwanstein. This castle of Ludwig’s is ridiculous. Ludwig moved in 16 years after starting (that’s starting from even making roads to the location), and how it looks today was not completed for another 8 years after that! And what stands today is not complete because Ludwig passed away is 1886, 2 years after it was done.
What’s a bit disturbing is a mere 7 weeks after the king’s death, Neuschwanstein was open to the public for tours… as has been ever since.

DSC_6130Both above and below are photos taken from the bus on our drive up. Imagine being on the construction crew having to construct that in 1868… uh no thanks.

Below is a famous bridge that a lot photos are taken from because when you’re on the bridge Neuschwanstein is framed perfectly down below you. But of course when we were there that bridge was closed for repairs… so my photo is from standing at the castle.


The Alps made it so picturesque. I just couldn’t help wish the cloud coverage were just a little less so I could see them more!


DSC_6152Above is the front of the castle, which is actually a giant door that leads to a courtyard.



IMG_20160502_142618 IMG_20160502_142824

Below is actually Ludwig’s Mother’s own castle. My kind of lady! Granted my zoom lens doesn’t show very well the distance, but Neuschwanstein is quite a ways above hers. I just kept thinking of the movie Stepbrothers where Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are sitting in recliners and Will yells to his mom “MA! Make me some Meatloaf!”  I could see the spoiled Ludwig yelling that from his balcony.
DSC_6142below is a little better


When on the tour inside, no photos were allowed to be taken 🙁 But when we finished the tour there was a balcony you could go out on. We finally got someone to take our photo, so we could have 1 where we don’t always look like floating heads and below is it… Oops.


Of course it was super ornate with gold and expensive woods and stones throughout. Just our luck that our tour, they didn’t have Ludwig’s personal bathroom off his bedroom open to see (usually it is!!). From what I heard, he had a super ornate toilet that looked modern day, thanks to being so high up on a mountain that gravity was the “flush”.  I would’ve totally looked in his medicine cabinet too..

To get to the castle, cars/buses can only go up so far. From there it’s walk or take a horse drawn carriage. We walked, but look at those strong horses!

I definitely loved the day. I’m glad we went the tour route, because I fell asleep on the way home on the bus.

Yea the clouds were dense and a little more low hanging than I’d hope for, but the rain held off which is most important. We got a glimpse of the Alps, learned so much about the once King of Bavaria, and I loved it!  We would recommend seeing Neuschwanstein and Linderhof abosolutely.  And don’t forget, if weather does get in the way there’s always a beer close by to enjoy!

Stayed tuned, another biggie post coming of us visiting Dachau concentration camp.